Here are a list of services that Quick 2 You Offers:


Have you ever thought about eating breakfast or lunch from a particular establishment but then had second thoughts because it was either too far or they didn't deliver? Well now that second thought can be Quick 2 You. We have partnered with a few food service providers and will be partnering with more to ensure that the good food that you want is always within your reach!

bill payments

We all have to pay bills but don't like the wasted time being unproductive standing in line. At Quick 2 You, we stand in line for you! Contact Quick 2 You to stand in your line and save you time!


You need a document picked up or dropped off across the island urgently? Call Quick 2 You and we will save you the time it takes sitting in traffic and dodging potholes to get your documents picked up or delivered quick!


Standing and/or waiting in bank lines can be annoying, especially if you have several more important things that you can be doing. Don't let your blood pressure rise as a result of these lines, let Quick 2 You know and we'll gladly stand in line for you!


We provide package/s pickups from any of your preferred shipping handlers and as an added benefit, if the cost the clear your package/s is under $100, we will cover that cost to get your package to you quicker! Talk about quick service! 


We know that sometimes you lose track of time to do things you don't normally do. Things like picking up your laundry/dry-cleaning or doing a quick pharmacy run to pickup or refill a prescription. Either way, Quick 2 You is here to help you save time with that! Let us know what you need and we will get it done for you as quickly as possible.